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Cabbage is a program for sending free text messages (SMS).

How does it do this?
  • Irish mobile networks (O2, Vodafone, Meteor, Three, Tesco, eMobile) allow their customers to send free webtext from their websites.
  • Cabbage Desktop makes it easier to send texts by automating the process of accessing the network website.
  • After saving your login details you simply type your text, choose who to send it to and then cabbage takes care of the rest!
  • Cabbage Mobile installs on your Java compatible mobile phone and sends web texts for as little as a fraction of a cent

Recent events
28/10/2013 Desktop version 1.99.1 released to fix O2 and Tesco messaging. Sorry for the extended down time
14/01/2013 Desktop version 1.99 released to fix Vodafone messaging and O2 messaging from abroad
10/12/2011 Desktop version 1.97.8 released to add support for Tesco mobile
13/10/2011 Desktop version 1.97.7 released to fix O2 messaging. Make sure that "Use old sending method" is not ticked in more->configuration
02/07/2011 Desktop version 1.97.5 released to fix O2 client side sending
12/03/2011 Desktop version 1.97.4 released to support 470 characters in Vodafone messages
10/01/2011 Desktop version 1.97.3 released to support eMobile accounts
01/07/2010 Desktop version 1.96.8 released to handle some changes on the O2 website
06/05/2010 Desktop version 1.96.7 released to handle Meteor's new layout. Messages can now contain 480 characters
01/05/2010 Mobile version 1.75 released to fix a bug where messages would fail to send without requesting internet access
29/04/2010 Desktop version 1.96.6 released to fix a bug when selecting groups in group messages
18/03/2010 Desktop version 1.96.4 released to fix a bug when selecting a name from the phonebook drop down menu
08/03/2010 New desktop version released due to O2 website change.
25/02/2010 Cabbage for Anrdoid released. Developed by ryderster (See thread). Available from the Android marketplace or here.
15/06/2009 Updated the source code links
29/09/2009 Released 1.96 to work with new vodafone site
15/06/2009 Updated the source code links
10/06/2009 Cabbage Desktop V1.95.4 released with support for webtexts
10/06/2009 Cabbage Mobile V1.6.2 released with support for webtexts
20/04/2009 Bart V 1.2 released for general use. Updated to allow a configurable server
20/04/2009 Cabbage Mobile V 1.6 released for general use. See the change log for updates
20/04/2009 Cabbage desktop V 1.95.1 released for general use. See the change log for updates
07/04/2009 It looks like have blocked requests from my server and so Bart doesn't work for train times. I'm working on a solution.
18/03/2009 Cabbage desktop V 1.94 released. See the change log for new features and fixes.
17/03/2009 Bart 1.1 released to fix bus schedules because the website changed.